Epic has a strategic tie-up with Mediscript, a Healthcare Service provider in the business of Medical Document Management & Transcription services. Being in the business of Medical Document Management for more than 14 years, the company has taken a logical step forward to scale up the business by exploring opportunities in other domains like Medico-Legal Summarization processes that is outsourced from the clients in the USA. These opportunities are being jointly explored by Epic and Mediscript.

Epic has not only taken the responsibility of identifying, hiring & training doctors and Pharmacy graduates but, also to deploy them on the production floor for timely delivery, achieving Turn Around Time (TAT), deadlines and adhering to the agreed Quality norms.

Epic is actively involved in working on various types of Medical Summaries such as, Comprehensive Summaries, Narrative Summaries, Annotated Index Summaries and Medical Chronology & Timeline Summaries.

The clients providing Medical Summarization services are Medico-Legal Firms that provide litigation support to Plaintiff or Defendant or Agreed Medical Evaluator (AME), Independent/Qualified Medical Evaluators (IMEs/QMEs), Independent Medical Attorneys, Workmen Compensation Claim Administrators and Medical Document Management Companies.